How to use Clash Royale PC

Hello, everyone! My name is Clash Royale PC, and today I’ll show you how to play this game with easy! I had a lot of fun participating my first special event in CR despite having not won a Classic Challenge. Even so, I managed to get a 28-15 win-loss count which is just at par from my perspective. Without further ado, let’s hit the road with my guide!

Battle Ram Graveyard Deck

A little backstory here: I decided not to go for the Grand Challenge yet because I’m budgeting my gems which are just around a hundred now. Even so, I managed to face good players with good decks while also having to face subpar decks in the Classic Challenge. During this time, the Executioner was popular amongst virtually every player I faced so it technically wasn’t easy grabbing wins for a Graveyard deck like this. Still, I managed to pull off 28 wins in all of my Classic Challenges.

In Depth

Battle Ram – This challenge required everybody to build a deck with this card, if not around it. Honestly, I found this card really interesting to play because of its perk. It literally is a cheaper, mobile Barbarian Hut with the charge of the 2 Princes. Because of this, most of my match-ups in the Classic Challenge were both competitive and experimental at the same time though I never used another deck other than this. Either way, it’s a really decent card.

Graveyard – Being the main win condition of this deck, you’ll mostly pair it with the Battle Ram or Ice Golem in <10 Elixir pushes (excluding spells). When left untouched, it can literally shred a tower in seconds which is why this card is so good when paired with soft tanks. In certain cases, the Graveyard also becomes useful in defense vs. games involving Sparky decks and PEKKA decks.

Ice Golem – For only 2 elixir, it provides so much value in stopping hordes and keeping support troops at bay. As a soft tank, you’ll mostly use it in stalling out support troops or creating Graveyard pushes.

Tornado – I fell in love recently with this card. The Tornado is such a valuable piece of defensive tech that almost never fails in defending against anything. Pairing it with your other defensive options such as the Executioner and Mini PEKKA, you could stop huge pushes, especially against Giant/Golem Beatdown.

The Log – The Log, due to its popularity after the Zap buff, is mostly your solution vs. frail ground hordes, Goblin Barrels, and the Princess. If you just need to push something back, this card also becomes useful for that purpose.

Executioner – This troop is very popular in Clash Royale PC right now because it literally cannot die to a single spell (yes, not even the Rocket or Lightning would do). Its double swing attack makes it a valuable partner for the Tornado. For this reason, you’ll mostly use it on defense against anything, translating to a counterpush once possible.

Mini PEKKA – This slot once belonged to the Dark Prince because I wanted to add more splash damage and prevent any immediate destruction of my Battle Ram. However, on paper my deck wouldn’t really have a reliable answer to big tanks like the Giant so I replaced it with this. Surprisingly, it can eliminate the Battle Ram and both of its Barbarians when I couple it up with one of my towers.

Minions – This is mostly a filler slot, and it patched up other holes that appeared in the deck. With this I could defend against win cons like the Graveyard. They can also destroy certain solo troops for positive elixir trades, but they lose vs. the Executioner.

General Strategy

I would choose between being the first man to move or being the more defensive guy. Either way, here’s how I play the deck:

(Early Game – 0:00 to 0:45)

Early gameplay involves either initiating the first push or letting your opponent open up the field. Whenever I choose to go first I would normally begin with a lone Battle Ram. Doing so allows me to scout immediately for what my opponent has to offer. After that I would simply defend against my opponent’s push. If possible, I would create a counterpush of my own, and it may or may not involve the Graveyard.

Just don’t make a counterpush if:

-You know that you’re way behind on elixir than your opponent.

-A split push is on the way. Just defend and control your battlefield until you can create one.

-Your opponent sends out a slow card like Sparky or Lava Hound. Try ambushing the other lane ASAP and your opponent will be more focused on defending rather than attacking.

(Mid Game – 0:45 to 2:00)

From here, I would immediately formulate my winning strategy having seen most of my opponent’s troops and spells. Here, I could either create more graveyard pushes or simply continue to defend (especially against fast cycling decks). If I haven’t revealed my Graveyard yet, this can put me in a slight advantage because I could simply surprise my opponent later on. Either way, I may also reveal my Graveyard at this point or just continue making Battle Ram pushes or defending against troops. By this point you must have an idea of what your opponent’s deck is.

If ever you’ve secured a tower already early game, don’t be too cocky and ambush the other tower. It’s best to just defend instead, especially when you have to recharge on elixir. Your opponent may be readying a push of their own, so who knows? (If you’re very ballsy like I am then you may choose to ignore this. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

(Late Game – 2:00 beyond)

Late game is where things get super interesting. The double up on elixir allows you to create more pushes than you did in the last two minutes. Here, I may choose one of the following:

-Slow pushing: Executioner or Ice Golem at the back is your best bet here. It allows you to charge up on elixir (at least 3 by the time one gets to the river) so that I can play other troops for a massive push. This has won me more games than with super aggressive pushing tactics.

-Hyper-aggressive pushing: It mostly involves a less supported Battle Ram + Graveyard combo. Due to its risk factor, I suggest only doing this as a split push when your opponent is too engaged on one lane. Pushing this way during overtime is slightly more effective than in the beginning of late game. (Any other push may work in the same manner)

Be careful not to overspend. Although double elixir time provides more opportunities, it equally provides the risks of losing your games. Remember that if you cannot balance your weighing scale, you’ll end up having to lose rather than to win. Keep control on the battlefield all the time.


Graveyard plus:

-Battle Ram = Really aggressive combo; suggested use is aforementioned above.

-Ice Golem = Best used as a slow push; for optimal support it is recommended to pair it with Executioner (or, occasionally, Minions)

-Executioner = Not necessarily a bad push, but it’s better as a support troop.

-Mini PEKKA = The only thing I hate about this is having to sacrifice defending versus beatdown or hordes like SkArmy. Still, it’s an alarming push for your opponent to face.

-Minions = Only an infant would do this.

General Summary and Outro

-The Graveyard is your win condition. Pair it up with any of the 4 bulky attackers/soft tanks to score up on towers. It’s best played late game to surprise other players, but you may use it also during mid-game or split-pushing early game when opponents play heavy troops such as Sparky and PEKKA.

-Battle Ram and Ice Golem are mostly used to make “strongman” pushes with the Graveyard. Depending on your cards-in-hand, you may use either of the two as soft tanks.

-You’ve two spells to use: The Log and Tornado. The Log is mostly useful for eliminating low-health troops and hordes such as Princess and Skarmy. On the other hand, the Tornado is your defensive tech card, and by pairing it with other defense troops such as the Mini PEKKA, Minions, and Executioner, you can defend against almost any push.

I loved playing this deck while the Battle Ram challenge still lased. I had a good amount of fun studying and playing with this deck, despite having not won a single challenge. Either way, I hope you guys like the deck! I’m always open for other recommendations you could make.

More tips for Clash Royale on PC

Well guys we know the battle ram famous deck, the Giant Executioner: Giant, Executioner, Electro wizard, Tombstone, Mega Minion, Lightning, Log, Battle Ram. And here i present my remake against the meta which will help you win more effectively.

Giant: Main purpose is to tank other units while your supporting troops do humiliating damage to the opponent. If opponent has a big push incoming and you have a high amount of elixir, place giant to tank and position the executioner so he doesn’t receive any splash damage.

Executioner: Can clear out hordes of low-medium health troops very effectively, group with other units to make sure the executioner clears everything out of the way.

Electro Wizard: Since this deck doesn’t have zap, this is your option against skeleton army, goblins, stab goblins, archers, minion, minion horde(if you have a big elixir advantage over the enemy) and many more troops. Make sure to pair him up with a tank or mini tank to make most of his value.

Tombstone: This is the new meta killer; famous decks are hog cycle and elite barbs. Place carefully to pull the incoming troops into it and watch it explode and the skeletons clear everything off.

Lumberjack: I had a miner instead of this but when i unlocked the lumberjack i replaced miner with this, lumberjack did the job much more nicely and tidy. It can kill bowlers, executioners, or any other mini tank. If you have neither the knight would gulp the job.

Ice golem: This is one of your main distractions and tank options, distract incoming troops and position the other troops so they don’t receive splash damage, if you are in a rush and don’t have the ice golem in your rotation, use the giant instead.

Tornado: A good log replacement as it’s like a shorter freeze where the support units finish everything else off, if you have your executioner battling spaced troops, pull them with the tornado to one place to ensure the executioner hits ’em all! Also you can drag a miner if he’s on the backside/inner side of the tower to the King tower to activate it early.

Lightning: Your guaranteed damage spell, while I made this deck mainly for tournaments and challenges, as you have a bigger 2x elixir time area where you can cycle lightning to get the win, this deck will also work in the ladder as it can take out 3 musketeers, and any troops above 4 elixir that are grouped or near the tower to ensure you damage the tower as well.

General Gameplan:

Place a giant in the back and defend with a tombstone executioner combo if your opponent rushes the other lane (position the executioner so he’s in the other lane but can still damage the offended lane) then place the electro wizard behind the giant and wait until you can use lightning or tornado to protect giant/support troops. Keep repeating the process or change the play style if you want. This deck is guaranteed a win on every deck if played probably.

My name is Obnoxious and at the moment I’m on the 6th arena with 1910 trophies.I reached 7th arena and my high score was 2111 trophies.After that, I started losing ridiculous amount of games way too quickly.Before this deck I had a pretty annoying deck focused on poking enemy.I tried changing some of my cards to stop losing but it didnt’t work.So I pretty much had to change my deck completely.

First of all, I need to say that you need to trust this deck.I know, this deck gives big rewards for big risks but if you hesitate you’re not going to get big rewards.

In my opinion this deck is balanced between attack and defense.And biggest advantage is, while enemy is attacking, their attack is supposed to lower your tower’s health but in this deck in one single push you will destroy their tower.I can almost guarantee it but if enemy plays correctly you won’t be able to get their tower.But you still can  deal tons of damage and enemy tower will be under %50 health.

I know I talked too much but let’s get riiiiiiiiiight intO the deck.

Wizard:For defense purposes.There will be big horde after your push and wizard loves hordes.

Bomber:Same as wizard but with less health and elixir cost.

Skeleton Army:It’s for defense too.Use it in case enemy uses Giant/Giant Skeleton/Prince/Elite Barbarians etc.

Minion Horde:Both used for attack/defense.It’s a great card.

Arrows:I use it for cards such as skeleton army, minion horde, goblin etc.

Giant:Used for both attack/defense(In this deck it’s used for mostly attack.)He can tank a lot of damage and that’s exactly what we want.

Balloon:It’s the most important card in this deck.I created the whole deck around this card.Although I have a poor little 1 level balloon 😦 it’s still a high damage output and it really is what makes this deck OP.

Rage:It gives our balloon a good attack buff as you know balloon deals a lot of damage.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Always wait for enemy to go first.(Sometimes they have crazier decks and you have to defend it first)
  • Go for counter attacks.Enemy won’t be able to defend so much since they used elixir on the other cards.
  • You are supposed to send giant and balloon at the same time.That makes 10 elixir so collect some elixir before you push.
  • Let the giant go first.He needs to tank all of the damage.
  • Use range when balloon gets closer to the enemy tower.
  • To be able to do that, you need to have them available.
  • After a successful push, you can defend your towers, but you can still go for another tower if you want.

That’s what you gotta do(I’ll add more details as I experience more).And as I said before, you won’t succeed if you don’t take risks.

Let’s look at it in a different way.This deck is pretty annoying since it is almost un-counterable counter attack.It kills enemy’s will to live.So it has psychological effect on the enemy.Sometimes as soon as I get the first tower enemies leave the game.

That’s why I love Clash Royale PC!