As everyone knows this deck is meant for the higher levels seeing as you can only unlock a few in the upper arenas. This deck requires some patience and poise. There are many combinations that you can use in this deck to make big pushes. My favorite though is my “Royal Execution”.Royal Execution- To execute this combo place Sparky in the back behind the King Tower. As Sparky approaches the bridge, drop the Royal Giant in front of her. After that drop the Executioner behind her. Now this may leave you a little empty on Elixir, but that all depends on how your opponent responds. If they drop Skeleton army on you RG, then Sparky will destroy half and you can zap the others and maybe prepare some defense. It really all depends on whats presented. The main concept is to have these three pushing the lane at one time.

During your opponents “Panic Attack”, as your elixir builds be prepared to push the opposing lane with a EBFS push… (Elite Barbarians/Fire Spirit)… After dealing with the Royal Execution most times the opponent is fresh out of Elixir, and if they manage to have surviving troops, their hit-points are minimal. This will allow easy defensive strategies and opposing lane pushes.

Spear Goblins, Zap, Cannon, Fire Spirits are your combination cards for pushes and defense.

This deck is Challenged by Lava Hound Aerial Decks and Quick-Draw Boulder Decks…

To beat the Lava Hound Deck: As soon as they drop the Lava Hound, Balloon, Inferno Dragon or Baby Dragon, rush the opposing lane with EBFS… This puts pressure on the opponent leaving the LH alone… Your Elixir will build back before theirs allowing you to drop an Executioner to start chipping at the Hound as well as those Spear Goblins. During this build up a cannon should be dropped to keep the LH away from you Arena Tower. If the Executioner lands the last hit be happy because it forces the pups into a small circle, waiting for the kill on the return trip of his axe.

This deck pushed me into Legendary. It took practice and patience because i prefer low elixir decks… I’m naturally a speedster but this deck will destroy everything with a patient player.

Hi guys, its Peter and i want to submit a well working Giant Sparky Executioner Deck for Arena 9! (This Deck should also work in lower Arenas with Wizard instead of Executioner).

Its with average 4.0 not the cheapest Deck but strong in defense and offense!

The contents are: Giant, Executioner, Sparky, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Inferno Tower, Tornado and Zap.

Now i am going to explain every card:

Of course your main tank in this deck. It also can be used to distract troops from your towers. Should be at least level 7. Can be replaced with Knight if you like a little bit cheaper version.

Should be level 2 at least. If you dont have it yet or level 1. I would recommend to replace it with a Wizard (level 6-7). Its a very nice defense card for any swarms, Lava Hound etc and is required in your offensive push. It will keep your Sparky safe from any swarms like Skeleton Army or Minions but after all always keep your Zap ready!

This Deck can be played in two styles. Sparky is a very strong defense card. One shots Ebarbs and needs only 3 hits for a Giant (or 2 with support). Also its used for a strong offense push between the Giant and the Executioner.

Skeleton Army:
Part of the Zap bait. Mostly used is defense. I think everyone knows how to use it πŸ˜€

Goblin Barrel:
Should be at least level3, Level 4 makes this Deck much stronger! Its part of the zap bait and used while the push is going on.

Inferno Tower:
Also part of the zap bait. Very strong defense against any tank. Can be just level6. (Be careful with royal giants, musketiers, etc. The Inferno Tower has a range of 6 while the mentioned cards have a range of 6.5! So if you face a royal giant user wait until the Giant is in range before place it or use your tornado to pull it in the range!).

Its in my opinion the key for this Deck. In this combination its a very strong card! It can be used in differnt cases: In the beginning of the game the opponent probably start with a miner, hog rider, etc to test the waters. If you have your Tornado on your hand you can use it to pull the enemies troop to your king tower and activate it. This will give you a great advantage! Other great use is when you face a ebarbs. If your sparky gets zapped the enemy will place the ebarbs right in front of it to destroy it. In this case you use youre Tornado to pull them away and the sparky will kill them and survive. Its also very strong to put all troops on one place that the Sparky or Executioner can kill everything at once. And of course you can use it to pull troops from your towers or inferno Tower away! I also had games for example against the three musketiers. Sometimes you can save your push if you just pull the enemies counter to the other lane. In this case the enemie zapped my sparky and placed his 3 Musketiers in the middle so i pull them with the Tornado to the other lane and killed them with a skeleton Army while my push destroyed his Tower :D. This card cannot be replaced!

Could be replaced with arrows but i think it is still more useful. Arrows have the advantage that you can kill the enemies princess or a minion horde above your main push but you are screwed when you facing an Inferno Tower.

General Gameplan:

Usually let the opponent make his first move. This Deck gets much stronger in double Elexier time so its okay if one minute happens nothing! Remember that your most cards are very expensive! If the enemie just place Archers or Spear Goblins let them pass and dont answer to this. Its not worth it. If you have a good start hand to create a push wait until the enemie starts his push and then start at the same lane. Otherwise place an Inferno or wait with your Tornado for Hog Riders etc.

How to start your main push: In the best case start with a Giant behind the King Tower, then add the Executioner when the Giant passes the Bridge and behind your Sparky. Add your troops as late as possible that possible Fireballs or Rockets wont harm your push that hard! When the tower locks on the giant throw your goblin barrel to the tower you are attacking. The enemie can choose now if he likes to zap your Sparky or your goblins. Usually you will have the tower this push is very hard to stop. Support your push with a Tornado and Zap. Pull everything away from your Sparky! Note: Better show the enemie as late as possible that you have a Sparky. Its a surprice for him and most people panic. When the tower is down support your push with a skeleton army from behind. Then you will have a good chance for an 3 crown with one push! Note2: When your enemie places down a golem: Push on the other lane and defend the golem with your inferno. If he has got an lava Hound keep your executioner until the hound reaches your inferno or Tower and place it behind the tower. The Hound has no chance then! Note3: Sometimes its not possible to create your normal push because you had to use your elexier for defense etc. When already placed down your sparky try to do an economy push. just the sparky and Exe in front of it or very risky Giant sparky without Exe. Giant Exe works sometimes if the enemy just wasted his skarmy or his minions. Otherwise dont do it. Note4: I usually never play my goblin barrel anlone. If ignored it deals some damage ofc but its not worth it. Note5: Keep in mind that you wont be able to create a perfect push because the enemy took out your sparky but if there are some parts of your push still alive you should use your goblin barrel now. The enemy mostly used his zap/log etc for stopping your push. Tanked goblins can deal huge damage and take out a whole Tower even if the sparky gets no hit!

General Defense plan:

Its always better to know what the enemie has got in his hands before he knows that you have an Sparky! Defend with Inferno Tower in the middle, Sparky as a Tank killer and Executioner Tornado combo. It is quite easy to block huge pushes without let your opponent scratching your towers! You have to play this Deck in a cycel: Defend, Attack, Defend, Attack… After an Attack always have your inferno ready and suport it with tornado and zap. Against Ebarbs a single inferno is not enough. you will have to add a Skeleton army or use your Tornado. Important do not place your skeleton Army on your inferno otherwise your opponent can zap both.

If you face an enemy sparky zap it before it reaches yours or (sounds quite funny but it is working) you can use a tornado to keep the enemies sparky out of range and your sparky can hit it before the enemies does.

If you face an EWizard you will only youse your sparky as an defense and try to get the tower with Giant, Exe and goblin Barrel or try to play a Draw. The EWizard is of course a very bad counter against your sparky but if you keep defending well you might are able to win this. Always try to stop the enemies push and then counter push in this case!

If you face an Graveyard be very careful with your Tornado! If you place it wrong it will soak the skeletons to your Tower and then the enemie will deal much much more Damage! The best way is to defend with Executioner ofc!

When you face an Rocket Deck the enemie will always Rocket your sparky so dont place it by the tower. In this case you can try to push without sparky and Trigger his rocket with an giant Exe push and then add sparky to your giant or inverse.

In Conclusion:

When you use this Deck you maybe have to practise a little bit with it but currently i am at 2910 Trophys close to Legendary Arena and i am sure it is possible to reach it with this Deck! My current levels of my cards are: Giant lvl7, Executioner lvl3, Sparky lvl2 (no problem if its 1), Inferno Tower lvl6, Goblin Barrel lvl3, Tornado lvl3, Zap lvl9 and Skarmy lvl3. My Arena Tower is lvl9.

Hope you enjoy this Deck guys! For me it is very nice and works pretty fine against Ebarbs, Hog cycle, Royal Giant and other common decks.

Here are some Screenshots i made:,UrwwAKb,I206GjB,T4Ih7TY,SFds3yc,fYnzj5M,uqyzPkp

Greetings, Peter.

For Admin: My user Id isΒ @disqus_ExKh3lvmUA and sorry for my english i am no native speaker πŸ˜‰ I tried to make it flawless as possible but i hope you will forgive me my Grammatic mistakes πŸ˜‰

Note for Admin: If you received this the 2nd time now im sorry. I dont know what ive done and im not sure if the submit worked πŸ˜€