Easy Hog Deck for Clash Royale PC

Mortar Hog (For Arenas 6+)

–WARNING CONTAINS ICE WIZ (Substitution is possible)–

Hi guys, its Double Trouble, this is my first post and I hope you like it!

So you just got to Builders and unlocked this great card called the Mortar and your looking  to put it in a deck. Let’s pair it up with the hog to get a chip-damaging all-around good deck that I call the Hog Mortar Deck. It helped me get from Builders to Clash Royale PC and almost too Frozen but not quite. The deck’s average elixir cost is 3.3.

The deck features these cards (card levels are shown in parentheses):


This card will help you take out skeleton army and put a dent in your opponent’s minion horde or minions, and stop an inferno towers charge. The card will help you protect your mortar and your hog from quick destruction. (Can be substituted for Fireball, Posion Arrows if you need a high damaging spell)


Not the shredder like their friends the Minion Horde but still really good for taking out high hp cards, and for whittling down troops like witch, ice wiz, or wizard if used correctly

Ice Wizard (1):

This guy will support your hog and mortar and is a good cheap splash damager, it can slow down troops for you to deal with and take out skarmy, and even minion horde. Can be substituted out for baby dragon, any splash damaging droop or support card (spells work too)


An amazing troop, this little guy can take out skarmy, elite barbs, barbs, and even support troops like witch and wizard if their attention is focused on something else.


A pair of these bow masters can take out balloons, baby dragons, and lavahounds, be careful of their health though.


The building that will support your hog, doing damage to your opponent’s tower. The mortar works strangely well as a building to draw in troops. Place it right at the bridge and place the hog in front, this is your push. Make sure the mortar is at least level 6.

Hog Rider(4-5):

This will be the troop that goes out and damages your opponent’s tower. Make sure to use it with zap or mortar, since skarmy will take it out instantly


Use it as a support troop, ex: to take out an invading skarmy. When your opponent has a big push going, for example Giant, Witch, Wizard. Wait until they cross the tower and place down your Valkyrie right on top of the Witch and Wizard. The Valkyrie will take them out (you might want to use zap to allow your Valkyrie to survive longer) and you are left with Giant to deal with.

Here is a picture:


Thanks and hope you like it!