Best Clash Royale PC Decks

Hello guys I am showing you how to use Clash Royale PC bringing my first deck that probably won’t get published.

This deck consists of the hog rider, the ice wizard, the Valkyrie, minions, skarmy, musketeer, fireball, and zap. You can replace the Ice wizard for archers if you don’t have him, but it will reduce the efficiency of this deck. This deck pretty much wins every match if you master it. I made this deck in arena 6(Level 6 rares, level 7 commons, and level 2 epic), and now I’m one win away from legendary arena(level 7 rares, 9 commons, and 5 skarmy)

Now I will explain each card

Hog Rider

This card is the main offense card in this deck. Put it behind a Valkyrie, or side by side with an ice wizard. You can combine the hog rider with basically anything in this deck. You should try to put the hog rider when your opponent already used his structures(if he has some).

Ice Wizard

The ice wizard can be used as defense or offense. For defense you can use it to slow down a push, or to finish off a minion horde. At tournament standards, however, it can’t kill a skeleton army. For offense you can combine it with the hog rider to give the hog more time to deal damage.


This card is used for defending against skeleton army, goblins, and is also a good defense against tougher troops, like the musketeer and Ice wizard. To attack,put it in front of a hog so the hog will push it.


Use them for defense against air like balloon, and also for ground, like the valkyrie, it can even take down a whole skeleton army.

Skeleton Army

If the opponent doesn’t react in time, the skeleton army can take down tanks in an instant. You can also put the minions as a bait, and then put down the skeleton army to kill the opponents troops.


This is a great card for dealing damage, as a defense against baby dragons, Ice wizard, Executioner, minions, an other. It can also do great as offense in combination with the ice wizard, the Valkyrie or the hog.


This card is good for countering a big pushes. It is good for killing three musketeers, musketeers, ice wizard, barbarians and executioner. If they put the troops close to their tower, the fireball also deals some decent damage to the tower.


This is one of the most important cards in the deck. Use it wisely against skeleton army and minion horde. In this deck, every time you push have your zap ready, in case the opponent puts a skarmy or minion horde. A great combination is ice wizard, hog, and zap. The hog will deal damage, and if the opponent put s a minion horde, the zap will take it down to a little health, and the ice wizard will kill it.


Start by putting an ice wizard or Valkyrie in the back of the tower, to be able to start a push. If you don’t start with these cards, it is better to wait for your opponent to do something. The best push for this deck is Valkyrie, hog and Ice wizard. For this deck, you always want to have 3+ elixir available, or else you won’t be able to counter stuff.  depending on your card levels this deck will work in different ways. To get to royal arena I had level 7 commons, level 6 rares, and level 2 epics. To get to frozen peak, I had level 8 commons, level 6 rares, and level 3 epic. To get to jungle and legendary arena I am using level 9 commons, 8 rares, and 5 epics.

Hope this deck works!

Hey guys, I am Clash Royale PC. I have decided that I should move on to better things in my life instead of focusing on a game. My friend however will carry on my legend, so all is well. With that said, let me introduce you to the Zap-Bait AirFecta.
[Lavahound, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, Miner, Tombstone, Zap, Minions]
Lavahound- Not really versatile, but provides as a great air tank, forcing your opponent to use air defense units, and seeing that many people do not have that many cards for air, this beefy tank will certainly get to the tower. Keep wary of Executioners and try to get rid of it as soon as you can. Inferno Towers and Dragons can be dealt with Zap.
Baby Dragon- This card is underused, but it has lots of good qualities for this deck. It has splash damage that with the certain protection can take out minion horde with ease. It has decent health, comparable to the executioner. It is the fire spirits’ worst nightmare, so Baby Dragon+Minions push can be devestating without the proper counters. Obviously its counter is Muskeeter
Mega Minion- The beast that died twice, still lives to be a very powerful unit. Can support the Lava Hound extremely well. One of the main tank killers, it should be protected at almost all cost. If out of cycle, try to get back to the card. It can survive all spells except Rocket and Lightning.
Inferno Dragon- You might be thinking that this card sucks and is definetely out of the meta. Well you might be right, but in this case this card is very powerful for defense and if given the oppurtunity, can wreck on offense. If you don’t have this card, you can use Inferno Tower. The reason I decided to use this card is because unlike the Inferno Tower, 1) It doesnt have a timer so it can pracitically sit there shredding that Giant or Lava Hound and not blow up when it’s lifetime is up. 2) It is air, so you don’t have to worry about the giants coming over and beating it up (RIP tombstone) 3) It can switch roles so that it can go offensive and help take down a tower.
Miner- Again, can be substituted with goblin Barrel, although that tends to be countered hard. It is the sneaky assassin of the deck, able to dig underground without much attention if your opponent is occupied and can take out supporting units such as pesky Musketeers or chip away Inferno Towers. It might even chip away the tower as well. The damage the miner can behold is actually decent if not hitting the tower: 160 damage. It has decent health too, 1000, and it is just so useful.
Tombstone- Obviously with the Hog Riders and Elite Barbs and even the new Battle Ram, there is a need to have a ground defense unit. And indeed, tombstone is very useful. The trickle of skeletons can assist the Lava Hound, and as noted before, it can help take out those annoying units. Skeleton army can be added, but keep wary that it does not cause Hog Riders and Battle Ram to re-target and is subject to being countered hard. Guards are also a good switch up in exchange for surviving zap (with shields still on top) and dealing with Graveyard when minions are out of cycle.
Zap- Do I really need to explain? Log, Arrows, and Tornado are on the same par, with different causes and effects. Log is used for pushing back and dealing damage comparable to the Arrows, which is good for Princesses up to one level higher and goblin barrels. Arrows kills minions and helps assist the air fecta deck better. Tornado can be used to draw troops together for the Baby Dragon or pull them to the crown tower. Choose whatever might suit you
Minions- Can be used for taking out Balloons, Graveyard, and can destroy any semi-tank underneath, such as Mini Pekkas, Valkries, Knights, and even Princes. Be wary of Arrows and/or other splash damage cards to take care of them.
Now you may be thinking, SCorp, how is this a zap bait deck? And you are right! It does not have the ideal cards for a spell bait deck such as Princess, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, or even Minion Hordes. But if you look carefully, this deck really is a zap-bait deck. There are three cards directly counterable to zap, five if you count the lava pups and switch miner for Goblin Barrel. Inferno Dragon, zap. Minions, zap. Tombstone, zap. So with skill, you can outcycle the opponent and get him into a really bad situation. With that, let’s get cracking down on strategery.
Before 2 elixir- Always wait for your opponent to make the first move. Sometimes this may take a while, but all of the cards in this deck have a very definite role, so you do not want to be wasting what may be your only countering, ex: Minions to the Graveyard. Try to keep to defensive and try not to use your LavaHound much. Some small counter or regular pushes:
  • Baby Dragon+Minions
  • Baby Dragon+Mega Minion
  • Baby Dragon+Inferno Dragon
  • Inferno Dragon or Mega Minion+Minions
  • Miner+Minions
2 elixir- Now the fun starts. Keep in mind that if you place your LavaHound next to the King’s tower, the opponent can tornado it to the other lane if one of their towers is extremely low. I’ll let you decided your Lava Hound placement. Follow up with Baby Dragon or Mega Minion. Keep Minions and Inferno Dragon in hand until you are sure that you have gain control, so that you can limit the chances of a surprise attack. If you already have a Tombstone, that is great. Otherwise keep that in hand too. Zap should help out with the Inferno Tower. Sneak that Miner in to assasinate any pesky troops getting in the way, like that Wizard or the cancer Executioner.
Well there you have, my final guide on Clash Royale PC. Please comment and thank you so much for supporting me. It has been a wild ride playing this game and posting on this website, with very interesting stories to tell and ponder on(i.e.“How to be a Positive Player” Poster), and I hope that you may keep pushing on to the future. I believe that this game has a lot of potential for the future. Thank you Will and Zigge and 9+10=21 for reviewing and commenting and reposting my guides. Finally I want to say thanks to my anoyomous friend who clutched with a Lava Hound from his Crown Chest and allowed me to boost him up a thousand trophies. Thank you so much everyone. With that said, I just have two words to say: #ASIANCLAN OUT. 😀