Hey Guys, today I’m writing my first Clash Royale PC review which I made which is the Lavaloon Clone deck. This deck gets three crowns extremely easily and has helped me push several times before. For those whom are interested, my nickname is Guan Yu and I’m currently a member of clan darkchaos.

1. Deck

2. Card usage

3. Strategies





Mega Minion



Skeleton Army


Card Usage


I know he’s a legendary but without him this deck would not function. The staple of all your pushes, forms a tank for cards behind and can usually deal tons of damage if left alone especially the pups.


A good damage dealer. Paired with lavahound, these two cards make an unstoppable force. Balloon is a extremely good damage dealer that can dish out tons of damage if left unattended. Use it when you know opponents low on elixer and cannot defend or pair it with a lavahound and see unstoppable results.


We all know what this spell can do. When turret locks onto lava hound, immediately clone everything to double the damage being dished out. When clone is used on a lava hound, the cloned pups will deal immense damage even if opponent zaps cloned troops. Clone is the surprise card in this deck and can be used to get easy 3 crowns on unsuspecting opponents. Also, if you do not have a unit/spell to kill minion hordes or minions from targeting balloon, use clone and the death damage from cloned balloon will shred the minion horde.

Mega Minion

What can I say? Ever since its release, its been beastly and known as the mini pekka of the air. Can be used to make small pushes with balloon or support a lava hound. This unit can also take out tank troups no problem when combined with tombstone to distract.


This card is extremely strong and is used as the building to draw giants, royal giants , hogs, etc, etc. Spawns a skeleton every second. Its known as a three elixer bank and is extremely versatile. Placed properly can solo a hog providing positive elixer trades. Overall one of the best buildings in the game.


Although facing a recent nerf, this card is still versatile due to the rampent of inferno towers that can shut down lava hound. Possibilities of this card are endless and it can take out small troups such as fire spirits, skarmy, etc. Always have this card ready when making a push.

Skeleton Army

One of the best cards in the game. Can be used to defend elite barbs, tanks and many more. Although zappable, if opponent makes a surprise push in other lane when placing down a lava hound, this 3 elixer wonder will be able to defend that push with ease.


First choice would be excutioner as it would be able to take out small troups and dish out tower damage behind tank. However, if excutioner is low level, a log would be a better choice as it can chip at the tower and deal knockback. However, if you do not have a log, arrows would be ok as well as princess and minion hordes can be taken out by them.


Main Pushes


Main pushes

Lava Hound and Balloon

Place lava hound at bottom right or left and follow up with a balloon and if possible mega minion. Get ready zap and clone spell in your hand. Zap would be for inferno tower and clone when lava hound is locked on by turret.

Balloon and Mega Minion/ Excutioner

Pushes like this are only possible when you know your opponent has low elixer or you have no choice. Usually, the balloon acts as a tank and its death damage will clear the path for the mega minion to deal some chip. Overall a pretty decent push

Defensive Strategies

Against hog+ supporting unit

Zap supporting units and place the tombstone drawing the hog over to let it get hit by the two turrets

Hog + Ice golem

Tombstone in the middle and mega minion to clear. Can start a good counterpush

Giant/Golem/Royal Giant/Pekka + supporting troops

Excutioner take out supporting troops.

Tombstone in middle pull the giant.

Mega minion to dish damage.

If they include a sparky or inferno drag, make sure to time the zap right.

Lava Hound

Easiest deck to counter since your entire deck hits air units.

Tombstone nearer to tower which lava hound approaches.

Excutioner clear support

Mega minion for main tank damage.

When lava pups split, excutioner will finish up.

Zap Bait Decks.

There is no true way to counter. Force opponent to spend elixer to defend and stop him from using his troops to gain damage on tower. In this scenario, three crown is your top priority.

I hope you guys benefit from my deck. Do comment if it works for you and happy clashing!