How to download Clash Royale PC

Hey guys it’s William , and today I’m going to show you how to download and play Clash Royale PC.

The main of me posting this tutorial is that many people are getting their first legendries as Infernodragon, which is not the part of the current meta and is very hard to play with as so many counters to the Inferno Dragon is available in Clash Royale PC. So many people feel sad on getting InfernoD as their first legendary card.

So you need not to feel sad any more because today I’m gonna post this Golem Infernodragon Beatdown Deck!!

Yes, you heard me right! Also this deck helped me to push up from Royal arena to jungle arena. And I still play with it.So this easily world as a ladder deck and you can also get 3 croen victories very easily with this deck(recently i was able to farm 280 crowns for my clan in the clan chest season, that’s the power of this deck).


So, here’s the deck:

1.Golem: This is the main assest in your deck. With super high health and death damage some people also call it “Super Tank”. Basically, it will be used in the offense to shield your other troops behind. Also it can also be used defensively and I’ll be talking about that below.
2.Inferno Dragon: This is the troop due to which I made this deck. It is a “Mobile Inferno Dragon”. Basically it will be used to defend and then to counter push aggressively.
3.Mega (Meta) Minion: Yes, many people like me call it the meets minion because after the balance updates it still continues to find a place in the current meta. As it cannot be fireballed, have High DPS and also have high HP then the 4 elixir muskteer and is also a aur troop.

4.Minions: Recently rated by Ash, as one of the top cards in Clash Royale PC which will be used defensively, mainly for counting threats like Graveyard.
5.Tombstone: A super good defensive building, with immense potential as has the abilityto kill a prince, giant,golem,hog rider(same level), also hog rider of higer level can get only one hit, can also be used to disable a furnace, and to distract a princess and to get a indirect elixir advantage.Used to distract incoming enemies and can be combied with a InfernoD to counter tanks. If you don’t know how to use the tombstone then you can watch the Video.
6.Witch/Executioner: Currently not in the meta and an under powered card but still believe me when InfernoD is not in play this will prove to be the most threatening for the enemy and will do most damage as thry skeletons piling up behind will do a massive amount of damage. When InfernoD is not in play my main win condition is because of thee witch as it also protects golems from swarms and hordes.
7.Bomber: Also currently not in the meta but a really powerful card.Used to destroy ground swarms and also to do massive damage to the tower in a InfernoD counterpush.
8.Elixir Collector: As it is a deck of high average elixir cost then it is obvious that we will be needing elixir throughout. Also as this is beatdown deck so our main aim is to get a elixir lead and then beatdown the opponent in the end. But Please Note: That your elixir collector must of sufficiently high level otherwise you will loose your complete six elixir by a opponent’s fireball also.

Substitutes:(Please Note that the substitutes may not me work as well as the tak deck)
Golem: Not recommended to substitute as it the main asset of this deck. Also the only super tank in Clash Royale PC right now. But if really needed then only giant can do the work of replacing golem (Not Recommended)
Infernodragon: I made this deck because of this card only, so I don’t think substituting it would be a good option as it is used in both offense and defense. But you can replace out with a Lumberjack or mini pekka.
Witch/ Executioner: Highly Recommended to replace it with the Executioner (although I haven’t got a executioner but I assume that it will be more effective) as it seriously a over powered card in the game right now and costs same as that of that of witch. Also it could make your InfernoD counter pushes really effective. Can also replaced by a wizard of sufficiently high level but will not be affective as witch.
Bomber: This card is available to each and everyone in Clash Royale PC so there would no problem on using the bomber. But still if you are using witch then I do not recommend substituting it. But if you are using the Executioner then can be replaced by a ice golem, rage spell/fireball/guards/princess.
Meta Minion: Not Recommended to replace as it is a air troop and el be used both defensively and offensively. But still if you have a under level card then you could use Knight in place for it for some untill you make this card to sufficiently high level.
Minions: Archers/Dart Goblins/Ice Wizard
Elixir collector: No replacement at all as without it you would fall sorry on elixir. But still if you feel to replace collector then I would suggest replacing golem with a giant.
Tombstone: No other defensive building can compete to tombstone. It will play really a major role in defending which I will be explaining below. But atleast lvl5 tombstone is required, if you do not have that then can replace out with a Cannon/Tesla (Not Recommended if you can use a tombstone)

Now lets start of with instructions on using this deck:

General Gameplan:-

As this is a beatdown deck so the main plan is to get as much elixir lead as you could before the time of double elixir period and then beatdown your opponent in the end. You could do this by just focusing on defending first, also not to defend completely until and unless you are ready for a counterpush but to minimize the damage and effect from your opponent’s push. Also try to build as many elixir Collectors as you could. Now I’ll be talking in detail of all these below as by reading just this only it seems to easy.


First and foremost before I give you tips of defending it is highly recommended that first you get to know about potentials of each and every card in your deck. And also by defending I do not mean complete shutdown but minimize the damage.

Now, you have heard from a lot of players giving tips on defending efficiently but what’s a “Efficient Defence” and how is it done. It is nothing but spend either low or equal amount of elixir on your opponent’s pushes, as if you spend more elixir them your opponent them you will eventually fall short on elixir.

I will try to describe potential of all the cards and some tricks of defending.

Now your main defensive card will be tombstone. You need learn to use it to the its fullest potential. It can stop chip damage and mostly distract incoming enemies and also shut down their pushes, if you do not know how to use or efficiently them It’s highly recommend ed that you watch this video by Ash.Also air swarms can be taken out witch and high HP troops would be taken care of by Mega Minion. Also bomber has a really high Splash DPS which can be used to stop big  and small pushes.

Also, concept of double (triple maybe) distraction:

It is the most used strategy to defend and used by pro’s of this game. I also learned this stratergy from a video by Ash. The main aim of this stratergy is to split incoming enemies into 2 or 3 parts and then deal with them individually.Video by ash.

You just have to distract incoming enemies with a tombstone on the midlle and other enemies by a megaminion or witch on the other side.I recommed all of you to wath the video

Now let me give you some examples by showing you how to defend afainst common threats:

  1. Giant Decks: It’s easy, just distract giant using tombstone in the middle and the troops behind the giant will be distracted once they cross the bridge, then instantly drop other units like the mega minion.Also place your InfernoD near tomstone so that it locks on to giant and then killing giant will be merely a game of seconds.
  2. Golem Pushes: If you are leading on elixir then directly counterpush on to the other lane so that your opponent could not support his golem and then either release a InfernoD or tombstone to deal with his golem one on one.
  3. Elite Barbarians Attack: After the uodate these Barbarians aren’t a threat anymore but still you have to cautious. It can be taken out easily with a tombstone bomber combo or witch bombo or tombstone minion combo. Also if you are not shot in elixir then you can easily start a counterpush through a golem, just place your golem in front of your arena tower and a bomber beside it. Then your opponent can scratch his head thinking how did his strong push disappeared and resulted in a good counterpush which can take atleast 1500+ health of his tower.
  4. Hog Rider Decks: You need to very well timed in placing your tombstone and distracting other troops woth hog rider or the hog will punish you. But if rightly done then you can shut down the whole push and can easily get 2-3 elixir lead
  5. Graveyard Decks: If you know that your opponent has a graveyard then do not waste your minions. Keep them for graveyard only. Also if your opponent freezed or fireballed your minions then deploy tombstone witch or bomber.
  6. Royal Giant Deck: Firstly distract the royal giant to your tombstone and kill it with InfernoD. If these cards are not available then start a counterpush on the same lane with a golem.
  7. Zap Bait Decks: Use your bomber, tombstone,witch really carefully eith these decks. With these decks InfernoD is a fuss so avoid use of it, instead use megaminion for high dps troops. Also constantly counterpush using golem with these deck.
  8. Spawner Decks: The main power of these deck is the chip damage and the pressure they put on the opponent. For these decks, try build as many tombstones as you can which will cancel the chip damage, also use bombers and witch very carefully. Avoid use of elixir collectors and counteroush using a golem backed uo with minions, bimber and witch and tombstone.


After you have understood how to defend, you have won 90% of the battle because With golem and InfernoD it would just take some seconds to get a 3 crown victory. But still it is not always easy as that. That’s why I’ll be sharing tips of attacking too.

First of all there can be 2 types if attacks you can do with this deck: 1) The main beatdown push 2)Counterpushes

  1. The Main Beatdown Golem Push: After getting a elixir lead just deploy your golem from the back and other troops backing it up. First release the witch, then bomber then megaminion, then either InfernoD or the minions(There is a reason for this order which is to get support for InfernoD).But there is a chance that your opponent has a rocket then just split your beatdown push in 2 lanes, so that the opponent have to rocket one of the lanes. Also if opponent has a Inferno tower then make sure small troops like minions and and skeletons from tombstone and eotch both are ahead of your golem. Otherwise nothing can stip the big push.
  2. Counterpush: There are again 2 types of counter pushes: 1)Inferno Dragon Counter push: In this counter push first defend successfully using InfernoD and then back up your InfernoD with splash attackers like witch, bomber and other troops.2)Golem Counterpush: Although I have described above when to use the golem counterpush, but generally it is used when the deck is donr my non agro troops like elite barbs.


  • Use your elixir collector efficiently. Is you do not know how to use it then watch this video by Orange Juice Gaming.
  • Generally counterpush atleast one time between the game so to know about the opponent’s defenses.
  • Always read your opponent’s troops first as this deck is NO SPELL DECK! So make sure you deploy the right troop at the right time as spells would not be available to you.
  • Do not think that elxiir collectors are only your main condition. You can also get a elixir lead by defending successfully and also at the double elixir time just drop you golem.
  • Make sure that your troops are sufficiently high level .
  • Practice a lot.

Important Links:

Guys I’m again posting these links for you. Please don’t be lazy and watch all these links if You are really serious about the game. Also all these links are from very skilled and reliable players like Ash and Orange Juice Gaming. Even I learned from them only:

Thank you guys for reading my post. If you think any changes can be done then please let me know, and I have really hard for this post so please comment if you like it.

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Easy Hog Deck for Clash Royale PC

Mortar Hog (For Arenas 6+)

–WARNING CONTAINS ICE WIZ (Substitution is possible)–

Hi guys, its Double Trouble, this is my first post and I hope you like it!

So you just got to Builders and unlocked this great card called the Mortar and your looking  to put it in a deck. Let’s pair it up with the hog to get a chip-damaging all-around good deck that I call the Hog Mortar Deck. It helped me get from Builders to Clash Royale PC and almost too Frozen but not quite. The deck’s average elixir cost is 3.3.

The deck features these cards (card levels are shown in parentheses):


This card will help you take out skeleton army and put a dent in your opponent’s minion horde or minions, and stop an inferno towers charge. The card will help you protect your mortar and your hog from quick destruction. (Can be substituted for Fireball, Posion Arrows if you need a high damaging spell)


Not the shredder like their friends the Minion Horde but still really good for taking out high hp cards, and for whittling down troops like witch, ice wiz, or wizard if used correctly

Ice Wizard (1):

This guy will support your hog and mortar and is a good cheap splash damager, it can slow down troops for you to deal with and take out skarmy, and even minion horde. Can be substituted out for baby dragon, any splash damaging droop or support card (spells work too)


An amazing troop, this little guy can take out skarmy, elite barbs, barbs, and even support troops like witch and wizard if their attention is focused on something else.


A pair of these bow masters can take out balloons, baby dragons, and lavahounds, be careful of their health though.


The building that will support your hog, doing damage to your opponent’s tower. The mortar works strangely well as a building to draw in troops. Place it right at the bridge and place the hog in front, this is your push. Make sure the mortar is at least level 6.

Hog Rider(4-5):

This will be the troop that goes out and damages your opponent’s tower. Make sure to use it with zap or mortar, since skarmy will take it out instantly


Use it as a support troop, ex: to take out an invading skarmy. When your opponent has a big push going, for example Giant, Witch, Wizard. Wait until they cross the tower and place down your Valkyrie right on top of the Witch and Wizard. The Valkyrie will take them out (you might want to use zap to allow your Valkyrie to survive longer) and you are left with Giant to deal with.

Here is a picture: 

Thanks and hope you like it!